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Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Marketing: Syllabus
Introduction to Marketing: Syllabus

Course Description for Introduction to Marketing:

  1. In this course we will learn about the basic components of marketing, its methods and uses to business firms. 
  2. Marketing focuses on the promotion of various products offered by business firms.  Products may include either goods or services. 
  3. There are many specific characteristics we will study that involve the marketing of goods and services.
    • We will discuss the process by which a marketing plan is developed by a firm. 
    • You will learn the disadvantages and benefits of specific marketing techniques. 
    • We will also discuss the comparative differences between various techniques.
    • You will then gain an idea of the effective analyses used in marketing to determine the most effective ways to sell a product.

Topics and Lessons for Introduction to Marketing:

  1. Lesson 1 Introduction
  2. Lesson 2 Organizational Consideration
  3. Lesson 3 Databases Marketing/Getting Needed Information
  4. Lesson 4 Consumer Analysis
  5. Lesson 5 Competitive Analysis
  6. Lesson 6 Opportunity Analysis
  7. Lesson 7 Marketing Objectives
  8. Lesson 8 Marketing Strategy Development
  9. Lesson 9 Product Decisions
  10. Lesson 10 Place and Promotion Decisions
  11. Final Exam

Objectives for Introduction to Marketing:

  • Learn the basic concepts of marketing.
  • Understand how marketing ties into consumer data reports, and the initiatives expressed by consumers and competitors.
  • Review the various techniques involved in marketing products based on extensive research conducted by firms.