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Principales of Accounting
Principales of Accounting: Lessons
Principales of Accounting: Lessons

Introduction: Principales of Accounting (Open)
This brief Video Introduces the professor and topics to be covered in the course
  1. Chapter 1: Managerial Accounting and the Business Organization
  2. Chapter 2: Introduction to Cost Behavior and Cost Volume Relationships 
  3. Chapter 3: Measurement of Cost Behavior
  4. Chapter 4: Cost Management Systems and Activity-Based Costing
  5. Chapter 5: Relevant Information and Decision-Making: Marketing Decisions
  6. Chapter 14: Job-Costing and Process-Costing Systems.
  7. Chapter 12: Cost Allocation
  8. Chapter 7: The Master Budget
  9. Chapter 8: Flexible Budget and Variance Analysis
  10. Chapter 9: Management Control Systems and Responsibility Accounting
  11. Chapter 10: Management Control in Decentralized Organizations

Course Content, Lessons, and Tests: Principales of Accounting (Open)
The lessons and topics for this course are provided in audio and video format. A test will follow the conclusion of each lesson to verify the concepts covered have been learned.

Review of Topics and Lessons: Principales of Accounting (Open)
A outline of the topics covered in this course is provided in video format.

Conclusion: Principales of Accounting (Open)
Final notes and comments about the course made by the author.