Principles of Mangement Syllabus

Principles of Mangement Course
Principles of Mangement Syllabus

Course Description for Principles of Mangement:

This class will expose you to the basic functions of management, the different types of planning, organizational tools and trends, the various styles of leadership, and the management control process.

Topics and Lessons for Principles of Mangement:

  1. Lesson 1 Management and the Functions of Management
  2. Lesson 2 Organizational Theories
  3. Lesson 3 Operations Management
  4. Lesson 4 Human Resource Management Motivating Employees
  5. Lesson 5 Human Resource Management The Planning Process
  6. Lesson 6 Marketing Management
  7. Lesson 7 Supply Chain Management
  8. Lesson 8 Managing Information
  9. Lesson 9 Managing Financial Resources
  10. Lesson 10 Managing Businesses Ethically
  11. Final Exam

Objectives for Principles of Mangement:

  • At the end of this course students will have a basic understanding of principles of management. They will be exposed to examples and on the field work experience.