Electronic Commerce Course

Electronic Commerce Course

The following course in E-Commerce is provided in its entirety by Atlantic International University's "Open Access Initiative " which strives to make knowledge and education readily available to those seeking advancement regardless of their socio-economic situation, location or other previously limiting factors. The University's Open Courses are free and do not require any purchase or registration, they are open to the public.

  Objectives for Electronic Commerce
At the end of the course Students will be able to:

• Create a portfolio of the steps required to start-up an on-line business e.g. Consultant fees, hardware and software fees, license fees, etc.
• Research a paper on the benefits or disadvantages of setting up an on-line business versus a store-front business. Which one would you select? Support your response.
• Explain the steps required to set-up your E-commerce website for advertising purposes. You can create a sample website to market your own products or services offered.
• Find at least 2 cases which provide examples of E-commerce violation of laws (such as Federal Trade Commission, Truth-in-lending practice) and explain the significance of those cases, along with the outcome.

Course Outline for Electronic Commerce:

Electronic Commerce provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of online marketing, creating a web site, gaining customers online. Ms. Myriam LeConte is the instructor for this course. AIU’s Mission and Vision are founded upon the Declaration of Human Rights which specifies Education as a human right. AIU is doing its part by making learning materials, college courses, and academic research Publicly Accessible. This online distance learning Electronic Commerce course is open to the public as part of Atlantic International Univerity's Open Access Initiative (AIU Open Access). In order to gain college credit and/or receive the completion certificate for Electronic Commerce, participants must be registered as students with AIU

Introduction: E-Commerce (Open)
This brief Video Introduces the professor and topics to be covered in the course

Course Content, Lessons, and Tests: E-Commerce (Open)
The lessons and topics for this course are provided in audio and video format. A test will follow the conclusion of each lesson to verify the concepts covered have been learned.

Review of Topics and Lessons: E-Commerce (Open)
A outline of the topics covered in this course is provided in video format.

Conclusion: E-Commerce (Open)
Final notes and comments about the course made by the author.

Resources and Bibliography

E-commerce Report by the US Census Bureau Curtesy of: The US Census Bureau

Course Instructor: Ms. Myriam LeConte:
Ms. LeConte has extensive experience in Marketing and public relations in addition to teaching university level students for many years.