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Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Accounting: Syllabus
Introduction to Accounting: Syllabus

Course Description for Introduction to Accounting:

  • Understand how accounting relates to the business environment.
  • Understand how to use the accounting equation to analyze business transactions.
  • Understand how to evaluate the performance of a business.

Topics and Lessons for Introduction to Accounting:

  1. Chapter 1- The background to accounting
  2. Chapter 2- Recording financial transactions
  3. Chapter 3- Applying controls and concepts to financial information
  4. Chapter 4- The profit and loss account and balance sheet
  5. Chapter 5- A further look at assets and liabilities
  6. Chapter 7- Accounting and financing of multi-owner organizations
  7. Chapter 12- An introduction to management accounting 
  8. Chapter 14- Product Cost
  9. hapter 16- Budgeting
  10. Chapter 17- Investment Appraisal

Objectives for Introduction to Accounting:

  • Making of profit
  • Creation of wealth, Achievement of charitable aims
  • Maximise spending on activities, Provision of local services.