Essentials of Finance Syllabus

Course in Essentials of Finance
Essentials of Finance Syllabus


At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Create an Excel Spreadsheet Budget on your own financial obligations and income earnings
  • Simulate a Payroll situation. You are the manager of a healthcare organization; you have five employees under your management. Think about payroll situations and calculate their earnings.
  • Simulate Business Start-up Fees and find out the set-up and maintenance costs of the business.
  • Locate a company's financial statements and calculate ratios depending on their situation.

Topics and Lessons for Business Communication:

  1. Lesson 1 Common Financial Terms
  2. Lesson 2 Financial Reports
  3. Lesson 3 Financial Ratios
  4. Lesson 4 Employee Compensation Package
  5. Lesson 5 Payroll Calculations
  6. Lesson 6 Business Ownership Structures
  7. Lesson 7 Budget Preparation
  8. Lesson 8 Bank Reconciliation
  9. Lesson 9 Credit Management
  10. Lesson 10 Credit Computations
  11. Final Exam