Financial Management Syllabus

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Financial Management Syllabus

Course Description for Financial Management:

The focus of this course is in the area of financial management. We will show managers how to interface with accounting and finance departments, help them to understand how firms meet their financial objectives utilizing financial decision-making. This course will also explain financial tools and techniques, which can be used to help firms maximize value by improving decisions relating to capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management. This course will deal with a number of related topics, including multinational financial management, risk management, mergers and acquisitions.

Topics and Lessons for Business Communication:

  1. Lesson 1 The Goals & Functions of Financial Management
  2. Lesson 2 Review of Accounting
  3. Lesson 3 Financial Analysis
  4. Lesson 4 Financial Forecasting
  5. Lesson 5 Operating & Financial Leverage
  6. Lesson 6 Working Capital and the Financial Decision
  7. Lesson 7 Current Asset Management
  8. Lesson 8 Sources of Short Term Financing
  9. Lesson 9 The Time Value of Money
  10. Lesson 10 Valuation and Rates of Return
  11. Final Exams

Objectives for Financial Management:

The main goal of this course is to develop a foundation of financial management concepts. This will enable to the student to understand how corporations make important investment and financing decisions, and how they establish working capital policies. The course also lays a foundation for more complex financial topics that arise in additional elective courses in finance. This course in financial management describes the corporation and its operating environment; it will help any future manager to understand how the finances of a company work, and how they will be interfacing with finance