Microeconomics Course

Business Communication Course
Microeconomics Course

The following course in Microeconomics is provided in its entirety by Atlantic International University's "Open Access Initiative " which strives to make knowledge and education readily available to those seeking advancement regardless of their socio-economic situation, location or other previously limiting factors. The University's Open Courses are free and do not require any purchase or registration, they are open to the public.

Course Description for Microeconomics:

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive view of communication, its scope and importance in business, and the role of communication in establishing a favorable outside the firm environment, as well as an effective internal communications program. The various types of business communication media are covered. This course also develops an awareness of the importance of succinct written expression to modern business communication. Many of the assignments are to be keyboarded.

Course Content, Lessons, and Tests: Business Communication (Open)
The lessons and topics for this course are provided in audio and video format. A test will follow the conclusion of each lesson to verify the concepts covered have been learned.

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Resources and Bibliography

Essentials of Business Communication, Sixth Edition, Mary Ellen Guffey, South-Western College Publishing
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