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Public Sector Marketing
Public Sector Marketing: Syllabus
Public Sector Marketing: Syllabus

Course Description for Public Sector Marketing:

An introductory overview of labor relations concepts within the framework of the public sector.

Topics and Lessons for Public Sector Marketing:

  1. Chapter 1 -Marketing: A Focus on Customer Relationships and Value
  2. Chapter 2: Linking Marketing and Corporate Strategies
  3. Chapter 6-Consumer Behavior
  4. Chapter 10 -Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  5. Chapter 11-Developing New Products and Services
  6. Chapter 12-Managing Products and BrandsChapter 13-Managing Services
  7. Chapter 14:- Pricing: Relating Objectives to Revenues and Costs
  8. Chapter 15: -Pricing: Arriving at the Final Price
  9. Chapter 20: -Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations
  10. hapter 21:- Personal Selling and Sales Management

Objectives for Public Sector Marketing:

  • To develop an understanding of Public Sector Marketing
  • Understand Managing, Products, Services and Brands
    1. Understand Pricing, Advertising, and Sales Management